Jane Abts Staff Photo

Mrs. Abts graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art, and went on to receive a Master of Art Education from Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.



Mrs. Abts has been teaching at Chapin Street School in Ludlow for many years.  She has taught art classes in grades ranging from pre-school to grade six, filling in as needed at East St School, Veteran's Park and even Ludlow High School when kindergartens were housed there. 


Mrs. Abts is married to her husband, Richard and has a daughter, Sarah who also attended the University of Massachusetts, majoring in visual arts, specifically printmaking. The family enjoys visiting museums near and far.  Mrs. Abts also enjoys bicycling, gardening and cross country skiing.

In addition, Mrs. Abts was active in the early years of  the Exit Seven Plays (the local community theatre), designing posters, programs, and sets. She also participated in the dance group, Small Planet Dancers.