Ludlow Elks Lodge Gives the Gift of Words to 3rd Graders
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Thursday, January 18, 2018
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On January 10th 3rd grade students at Chapin Street School gathered in the cafetorium for a very special surprise.  Two representatives from the  Ludlow Lodge of Elks #2448 - Donald Conner, Activities Chairman and Paul Jacques, President- visited the school to donate a new dictionary to every 3rd grader.

Conner explained that it is the 12th year that the Elks Lodge has participated in this national program that has a goal of giving every 3rd grader in the country a dictionary. “We strongly support that children can use dictionaries in their class and at home to promote vocabulary, reading and writing.” He explained that in addition to Chapin Street School the lodge also donates to Belchertown and Palmer schools, St. John the Baptist School(Ludlow) and the Balliet School in Springfield;  gifting a total of 650 dictionaries.

The presentation began with Conner explaining the mission of the lodge stating, “Our purpose is to help anyone in Ludlow and the surrounding towns that need help. We help Veterans, senior citizens, children;  anyone who needs help.”

Much to the delight of the students, Conner then explained that they were visiting Chapin today to give each one of them their very own dictionary, stating, “Take them home.  Read them. Use them. They are filled with great information. In addition to the dictionary there are pages on sign language, maps, multiplication table, and information about each of our states.”

Conner asked students if they ever wondered what the longest word in the English is, sharing, “That word has 1,909 letters, and that is in here too, and don’t worry it won’t be on your next spelling test for two weeks!”

“This is a wonderful program for our students,” commented Chapin Street Principal, Mrs. Nikki Reed. “We are extremely grateful to the members of the Elks lodge for their continuous support of our schools and for this generous gift to our 3rd graders.”

When asked by a student how many words were in the dictionary Conner responded, “ All of the words you need to know.  There are no words you don’t need to know!”

As the students left holding their personal dictionaries there was no doubt each of these 3rd graders will be using their new dictionaries to learn all of the words they need to know!

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