Students Spread Joy With Only One You Rocks
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Friday, October 20, 2017
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The book Only One You, written by Linda Kranz, is an inspirational book that encourages readers of all ages to embrace their uniqueness and be accepting of others, and their uniqueness.  Each page shares a total of 86 life lessons on how to make the world a better place, such as- Smile often, Never give up, Enjoy each day, Always be on the lookout for a new friend, Be kind and Dream big.

Nikki Reed, Chapin Street School Principal, first introduced the book to Chapin Street students and families at this year’s Meet and Greet event; reading it to all in attendance. “For the next two years our school wide theme is joy - joy in teaching, joy in learning, joy in community. Our overarching goal is that the Chapin family will celebrate their uniqueness, be accepting of all and share joy at school and in the community.  Many of our school initiatives will focus on how you can find joy in your life, share joy with others and make the world a better place.”

Reed went on to explain that the first school wide initiative was to bring the book to life and make real life connections for the students through art.  “We enlisted the assistance of our art teacher, Jane Abts, who incorporated the book into her curriculum so that every student in the building would create their own unique- Only One You- rock.”

“The book is illustrated with fish-like rock characters on photographed underwater backgrounds,” explained Abts. “The characters all have colorful patterns. Students first practiced coloring and painting similar patterns on paper and then transferred their skills to design their own unique, one-of-a-kind rock.”

 Abby Goff shared, “My rock is a rainbow dog because I love rainbows and dogs. It also has all of my favorite colors on it!”

Marcus Goncalves transformed his rock into a King Cobra, explaining, “I like snakes and have always wanted a pet snake.  I like the way they move and hunt.”

“I painted my rock to look like a bunny,” stated Kyleigh Johnson, “I painted a bunny because they are cute and I see them at my Grandpa’s house, in the backyard.”  

Each one of the 321 student created- Only One You rocks -will decorate the garden in memory of Chapin Street’s former principal, Susan Pease, as a reminder that we need to celebrate the uniqueness of everyone.  

As Reed explained, “The book ends with very powerful and meaningful words…There’s only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place. We hope the rocks will be our reminder to make Chapin, and the world, a joyful, happy, better  place.”

Students painting their Only One You rocks.

 Placing their rocks in the Susan Pease Garden.

 THANK YOU Mrs. Abts!

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