Third Grade Classroom Jobs Focus on Responsibility and Working Cooperatively
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Sunday, November 12, 2017
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Third grade students in Michele Manganaro-Thompson’s class are learning about responsibility and how working cooperatively can help keep the classroom running smoothly, by being assigned classroom jobs.  Jobs that include a variety of daily assignments including Handback Crew - Responsible for passing out all papers.  Teacher's Personal Assistant - Brings down papers to the office and helps with anything the teacher may need.  Absentee Secretary - Takes attendance and keeps a folder of work for anyone who is out, then answers any questions they may have on it.

 “It's actually an idea I borrowed from Erica Marsh (Veterans Park 4th grade teacher) two summers ago. I modified it to fit my classroom and grade,” shared Manganaro-Thompson.“Basically, the first week of school we go over the job descriptions.  They receive a list of job requirements and  bring them home to put in order of job preference.  Each student has to apply for their number one choice and write a brief essay on why they would be good for that job.  I then read all of the applications and choose students for each job.”

Students keep their assigned jobs for a month. Each student understands they may not receive their first choice during the first month, but that everyone will be assigned their first choice at some point during the year. “By doing a job for the entire month, our class can run like a fine oiled machine.  They all know what they have to do, are responsible for doing it, and just do it.” said Manganaro-Thompson.  “They're pretty awesome actually!”  

Olivia Laing enjoys her school job - homework support. “We have a homework basket where we put our finished papers.  I take the papers, put a sticker on it and check off that it was finished on the homework chart.”

When asked what she liked bestabout her job Laing responded, “I really like charts and to be organized so this job is perfect for me!”

Tyler Tatro and Alex Coelho are in charge of tech support. “I love technology and helping people, which is my job,” said Tyler.  “I help my teacher make sure the Chromebooks are put away and charged, so they are ready when we need them. I also help kids who need help getting on the Chromebooks.”

Rhyan Milfort is the greeting guru for the classroom.  “I really like this job cause everyone has to listen to me - most of the time nobody listens to me! I read the morning message, start all the activities and say the closing chant.”  

At the end of the month, students are rewarded for doing their jobs. “After all, people get paid for doing their jobs, the students should as well. Doing their job well means they have showed all of the aspects of ROAR (respect, ownership, attitude responsibility),” explained Manganaro-Thompson.“They earn 4 PBIS tickets per week, so at the end of the month they will have a total of 16 earned tickets to cash in for school wide activities.”


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