Students Receive Mini Civics Lesson from State Senator Lesser
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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On September 19th, 3rd grade students in room 11 at Chapin Street School were not only celebrating National Talk Like a Pirate Day, but they also had the opportunity to receive a mini civics lesson from Massachusetts State Senator, Eric Lesser.  Lesser explained that since the start of the school year, he has been visiting various elementary classrooms throughout his district to share information about his job responsibilities and learning how our local, state and federal government works.

"It’s important for students to have memorable civic experiences early on if we truly want them to be active, engaged citizens in the future," explained Lesser. "Young people shouldn’t feel hopeless or helpless, they should feel powerful."

Lesser explained his job responsibilities, including how part of his job requires that he works together with other State Senators to pass laws, explaining to students, “A law is a rule that everyone has to follow.”

He went on to discuss how it is his job to listen to all sides of an issue before voting on a law- such as how many days students will attend school each year. “We discuss ideas- the pros and cons- and sometimes the Senate needs to compromise, for the best interest of everyone. Right now you go to school for 180 days- some might say you should go for 365 days and others might think 50 days is enough - 180 days is meeting in the middle, and a good compromise. The Senate compromises on all kinds of different issues.”

The discussion continued to include conversations about various laws along with students sharing some of their own ideas for possible laws;  including making items less expensive, having a free shopping day and to only have school on Fridays!  “All great ideas,” said Lesser, “but there would definitely need to be some compromises!”

Much to the delight of the students, the Senator  brought a book to read to them, Madam President, by Lane Smith. “I really like this book because it’s about a young girl who uses her imagination to see what it would be like if she were President of the United States.”

Nikki Reed, Chapin Street School Principal, reminded students that the book highlighted an area that she reinforces with all 3rd graders, explaining,“The author mentioned how the president is a role model and leader and now that you all are 3rd graders you know the school expectations and rules and each of you need to be positive role models to the 2nd graders, and leaders of our school.”

Before leaving Senator Lesser stressed to students that if they continue to work hard in school, and be involved in their community, when they grow up, they can become anything they want, including a State Senator… or even President of the United States!

 *Students made Senator Lesser and honorary pirate by presenting him with his own eye patch and a thank you message in a bottle!

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