3rd Graders Leave their "Mark" at Chapin Street School
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Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Third grade students had their final assembly yesterday as Chapin Street students-- on to 4th grade and Veterans Park School next year! Every student left their fingerprint on this memory canvas to be hung in the school's entrance.

Nikki Reed, Chapin Street School Principal explained, “This is the second year we have asked our 3rd graders to leave their mark at Chapin Street School before leaving us to head off to Veterans Park School for 4th grade. Deb Woishnis, one of our amazingly talented paraprofessionals, designed the canvas, again this year.”

“It’s become a fun tradition with a dual theme,”continued Reed, “thanking our teachers for preparing our students for the next chapter in their education and to remind our students that their Chapin family believes in them and knows they will fly high, and succeed in all they do in the future.”


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