Tech Fever Hits Rooms 1 & 2
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Thursday, May 18, 2017
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Ms. Jodi Yarkey and Mrs. Nancy Raymond, 2nd grade teachers at Chapin Street School, are reporting that Tech Fever has become somewhat of an epidemic in their classrooms. Yarkey explains, “As part of our ELA curriculum students were asked to pick a famous historical figure to research and present to the class.  At the same time we introduced how to create presentations using Google Slides and it was then that the fever hit!  Once students began creating their biography assignment using Google Slides, there was no turning back!”

Both teachers were very impressed with how quickly students learned to use Google Slides to present their information.  “Not only were our students using the Chromebooks to learn about a historical figure,” said Raymond, “they were incorporating their technology skills and sharing their knowledge with their classmates in very creative ways using Google Slides.”

“Many of our students are now creating slides at home. Their efforts have become helpful teaching tools in the classroom- for example demonstrating their knowledge of newly acquired math strategies and concepts,” added Yarkey.  

“I like to design and add details to what I am saying in my slides;  to teach people,” said Hayden Forrant-Morin, sharing her enthusiasm for Google Slides. “Adding red and dark blue backgrounds is my favorite!"

When Rafael Ferreira was asked what he liked about Google Slides, with a smile he responded, “Everything!  I just like making slides about almost anything!”

“I love that Ms. Yarkey and Mrs. Raymond have sparked student excitement using technology,’ remarked Mrs. Nikki Reed, Chapin Street Principal. “They are empowering these 2nd graders to take the lead in their own learning.  It’s very exciting to see this level of meaningful technology being used in the classroom for some of our youngest students in the district.”

“We are both thrilled that our students are using technology to not only enhance their learning and demonstrate their knowledge, but to also teach their peers,” commented Yarkey. “It has become a wonderful addition to our classroom.”

To view some sample student created Google Presentations click on the following links- ElephantsDinosaurs, Comic Strip, Math.  Below are some photos of the students in rooms 1 & 2 using technology in their classrooms.

Room 1 


Room 2


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