Saving Turkeys One Disguise at a Time!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016
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Although students in Ms. Judi Humphries 3rd grade class at Chapin Street School couldn’t secure a Presidential pardon for any turkeys, they did the next best thing by creating some impressive disguises, and writing very convincing paragraphs, to keep them safe during their most dreaded season!

Humphries explains, “As part of a creative writing lesson students were given a paper turkey to disguise. There were no limitations except their imagination! Students also had to include a persuasive paragraph, convincing me that their disguised turkey wasn’t a turkey,” shared Humphries.

Samantha Lyons chose to disguise her turkey as a colorful fall tree, explaining, “It’s autumn and I thought I’d disguise the turkey and match the colors from outside.”

“I was going to disguise my turkey as a pizza, but my mom had the idea for a Santa, and I liked the idea,” shared Caleb Guillemette. “When she got home from work she helped me to get working on it.”

“My friend did Little Red Riding Hood so I decided to disguise my turkey as the Big Bad Wolf,” said Madalyn Marques. “My mom helped me a lot.  We even included a background with a path to the grandmother’s house, to make it look like he was in the story.”

Once the students had disguised their turkey it was then time to write the paragraph convincing their teacher that it wasn’t a turkey.

Can you guess Ayden Manuel’s turkey disguise by reading his paragraph? “I’m not a turkey because I wear clothes and I carry a secret case. I travel the world on a top secret plane and no one can know who I really am.  I have lots of names, but turkey is not one. Turkeys are not as smart as me.” If you guessed a spy, you would be correct!

To convince Humphries that her turkey was an autumn tree Samantha wrote, “How could you think I’m a turkey?  Do turkeys have big brown branches coming out of them? And what about all of those autumn leaves? Turkeys don’t have autumn leaves all over them.  I’m obviously an autumn tree, not a turkey, silly.”

The students in Ms. Humphries class may not have been able to save every turkey this Thanksgiving, but with their imaginations and creative writing skills they did convince their teacher to consider eating pasta this Thanksgiving!


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