It's All About the Weather!
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Saturday, October 15, 2016
Thermometer + Teacher = Weather Unit
Thermometer + Teacher = Weather Unit

Ms. Alyssa Moriarty and Ms. Wendi Lawson, 3rd grade teachers at Chapin Street School arrived to school on Thursday ready to start their first science unit about weather, by dressing the part. Wearing her favorite sunglasses, and flip flops Moriarty was ready for a summer day at the park while Lawson, bundled up in a scarf, ski pants and boots, was ready for a winter adventure.  

Lawson explained that the lesson focused on how to use a thermometer to determine outdoor temperatures to dress appropriately, how to read a thermometer in degrees using the Fahrenheit  and Celsius scales and the difference between climate and weather.

Students were intrigued and excited by their teachers’ innovative way to introduce the lesson.  “We walked into the classroom trying not to behave like anything was any different than any other day,” shared Lawson. “The students were all looking at us somewhat funny, but couldn’t quite figure out why we were dressed the way we were.  We held our morning meeting and then began our science lesson by asking students what was different about the way we were dressed today.”

Both teachers were impressed with the immediate connections students made, "I think you are dressed like that because Ms. Lawson is for Celsius for Canada and Ms. Moriarty is for Fahrenheit for hot and for the USA,” proudly explained Luke Slatton.   

“The weather is too warm for Ms. Lawson's clothing and too cold for Ms. Moriarty's outfit,” said a confident  Eve Gran.   All of the students agreed that Lawson was dressed for the Antarctic while Moriarty was ready for  Florida's beaches.  

Mrs. Nikki Reed, Chapin Street Principal, shared, “This was a very creative and fun way to introduce the weather unit. Students were not only engaged but it also captured their interest in learning about weather.”


Ms. Lawson & Ms. Moriarty

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