Learning about Weather from a Local Meteorologist
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Thursday, October 06, 2016
Meteorologist Brian Lapis
Meteorologist Brian Lapis

Third grade students at Chapin Street School were glowing with excitement as they entered the gymnasium area of the school today and saw WWLP-TV, 22 News Meteorologist Brian Lapis, in person and not on a television screen! Lapis accepted an invitation from 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Sally Condino-Kelly, who thought having a meteorologist “talk weather” to the students would be a great way to introduce the weather science standards.

Lapis engaged students by asking them to share words pertaining to weather; their answers were impressive- fog, drought, hail, sleet - to name a few. He then  challenged the students to identify the four ingredients of weather.  As their proud teachers listened they completed the list in record time - air, water, sun, Earth.

Using a whiteboard Lapis then explained the processes that create the weather by drawing examples such as how the sun sends out solar energy that penetrates the atmosphere.  “It’s important to know how weather happens,” explained Lapis. “That is how we predict, and can report the weather.”  

“Staff and students were delighted to have Mr. Lapis share his weather knowledge with us,” commented Mrs. Nikki Reed, Chapin Street School Principal. “It definitely was both informative and fun for our students to learn about the science of weather from one of our very own local meteorologists.”

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