2nd Graders Excited to Access their Virtual Classroom
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Sunday, October 02, 2016
The smile of success!
The smile of success!

Mrs. Lorraine Boucher, LPS Director of Technology, announced that this year all 2nd grade students in the Ludlow Public Schools have been assigned their own unique Google Apps for Education Accounts (GAFE). Prior to this, GAFE accounts were started when students entered 3rd grade.

GAFE accounts allow 2nd graders access to many features including Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Classroom (set up by their teachers).  Boucher further explained that, in addition to 3rd graders, the 2nd grade students will not have access to email accounts until they enter 4th grade. Each account will remain with the student until they graduate from Ludlow High School.

Recently, 2nd grade students in Ms. Amy Anderson and Mrs. Rachael Rhodes’s room were introduced to their GAFE accounts using Chromebooks, from one of the four Chromebook carts at Chapin, and the response was overwhelming positive. With very little hesitation students were able to enter their username and password and began to explore the virtual classroom, using the Google Classroom their teachers had created.

“This is awesome,” exclaimed 2nd grader Bobby Gregory, as he eagerly logged into the Chromebook.

“This is the best day ever!” shared an excited Makayla Carney.  “Now I want a computer of my own.”

“They all caught on quickly,” shared Ms. Anderson. “Some students being quicker than others, but each one was able to successfully login to their accounts, open our Google Classroom and complete the first assignment, which was to practice math facts. Mrs. Rhodes and I were very pleased with how well they did for their first time.”

Chapin Street Principal, Mrs. Nikki Reed, shares in the excitement, “Having our 2nd graders introduced to their GAFE accounts is such an amazing opportunity.  It allows us to begin not only teaching them, but having them practice, the technology standards.  This year we have also incorporated digital literacy classes into our schedule that will be taught to all Chapin students by our Library Media Specialist, Ms. Kate Marciano.”

It is clear to see that with such enthusiasm, motivation and talent the 2nd grade students in room 3 are well on their way to a very successful year incorporating technology to support their learning.


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