Third Graders Write Letters to Their Future Selves
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Thursday, September 29, 2016
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Third grade students in Mrs. Sally Condino-Kelly’s classroom were excited and eager to begin their journey using their Google Apps for Education (GAFE) accounts.  After a brief introduction to the chromebooks, each student quickly logged into their own unique account for the first time. With a smile that lit up the classroom, Kacie Klimek said, “This is is so cool.  I hope we can use the Chromebooks a lot this year.”

Students learned that the account they logged into will be their account until they graduate as seniors from Ludlow High School. After a brief explanation of the various features available in their accounts they were ready to begin their  first assignment: create a Google Document and write a letter to their future Ludlow High School senior selves.

Cooper Champigny wrote- “I am so excited to make my first Google Doc with my future self in 12th grade. I will make this the best Google Doc I will ever make. This is awesome!”

Iklim Citlak wrote - “Hi Future 12th grade self!  I am so excited. I am so happy that I have one (Google account), it’s amazing.”

Mrs. Condino-Kelly is just as excited as her students to have access to this technology, stating, “I believe it will help to differentiate learning and will  increase student engagement and curiosity.” She also added that having access to the Chromebooks will help students with their keyboarding skills; something that becomes more important as online testing such as PARCC becomes more prevalent.

After spending time with these bright, eager, articulate 3rd graders, there is no doubt that when they stand on stage to accept their LHS diplomas in 2026 their families, teachers and friends will be very proud of their future LHS senior selves!

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