Professional Development Focuses on Mindfulness
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Sunday, September 18, 2016
Kate Forest Leading the Professional Development
Kate Forest Leading the Professional Development

Since beginning her role as the Principal of Chapin Street School last year, one of Mrs. Nikki Reed’s goals was to introduce mindful practices to the staff.  To achieve this goal she harnessed the expertise of Kate Forest, Registered Yoga Specialist and Mindful Living and Mindful Learning Consultant to lead staff in their first Professional Development Day on September 16th.

According to Forest her mission is to “share short, simple mindfulness practices, movement breaks, and breathing breaks that empower adults, adolescents, and children to release stress, build focus, and strengthen their social, emotional, creative, and physical health.”  

Principal Reed said that the reviews following the presentation were overwhelmingly positive. One such review was shared by 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Nancy Raymond,  “I really enjoyed the presentation today.  I am looking forward to trying many of these mindful techniques in my classroom and personal life, as well. I hope more Ludlow schools will get on board with this!”

Mrs. Krystal Foley, 3rd grade teacher, would give Forest an A+ for accomplishing her mission, stating, “I am  excited to not only practice the ideas shared today in my own life, but to also incorporate the ideas within my classroom routine.  With such busy student schedules, remembering to pause, breathe, and stretch can help calm their fidgety bodies and refocus their thoughts.  This practice will help all of us to be more productive and academically focused.”  

Mrs. Kathy Doyle, 2nd grade teacher, said she was excited to incorporate the different types of breathing that were shared during the presentation. “Not only can teachers benefit from mindful breathing, but our students especially can", shared Doyle.  “One take away I learned was taking a Supportive Thinking Breath;  you breathe in one positive praise as well as breathe out one. It resonated  with me because it focuses on the positive and not the negative.”

“What a great way to end a Friday,” commented Reed.  “Kate shared tools that can be incorporated into our daily lives to help minimize stress and encourage calmness.  These tools will not only  to positively impact our personal lives but will also improve our classroom routines and  teaching.”  

“Kate’s knowledge of self care and mindfulness skills is also what I would like our staff to be offering to our students,” added Reed.  “These skills will help students deal with difficult situations in and out of school; lifelong skills to make them kinder and happier adults.”

Below is a video of photos from the event.

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