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Principal's Corner


Learning is alive at Chapin! Students have settled into their classrooms and teachers are providing engaging lessons on a daily basis. Questions you might consider asking your child about their school day might include:

·         Did you earn any ROAR tickets? How- what did you do to earn the ticket(s)?

·         What did you read or was read to you in school today? What did you like about the story?

·         What did you learn about in Math today? Did you understand it? Can you show me what you learned?

·         Do you need me to sign anything for you to return tomorrow

          What type of movement break did you try today? 

During the months of September and October, the themes for our Mindful Monday Initiative have been Respect and Ownership.  We remind and encourage students to demonstrate respect and ownership with themselves and others.   Academic success  and emotional growth for all students at Chapin Street School is of utmost importance. We have begun looking at data to identify students who require extra supports. As in the past, all identified student needs will be supported through our Tiered Supports.

We would appreciate your consideration to be an active member of the PTO.  The PTO is an integral part of our Chapin family as it provides enhancements to our students’ learning opportunities at school. 

We appreciate the strong home and school connection established at Chapin Street School and look forward to continuing to build on this relationship to benefit our students. We love to have parents volunteer in the classrooms so please contact your child's teacher or the main office to arrange. 


Nikki Reed